Trinity Creative Competition

Client: Trinity Book of Kells
Services: Identity + Design for Print & Digital

The Book of Kells is one of Irelands greatest cultural treasures. As a living example of true artistry, it is used as the basis for inviting budding young writers and artists from across the country, to share their poems, drawing, stories, designs or paintings based on a given theme from this famous book.

With such a rich source of imagery to refer to, one would think that creating a design to promote this annual event would be easy, except that early on, both Geometry and the client suggested we steer clear of all and any reference to the stylings of the Book of Kells and develop this as a stand-alone piece of communication. In the end, our conclusion to the brief was, if we couldn’t use the Book for source material then why not feature an array of tools that may be employed creating the entries for the competition.

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