Bord na Móna

Client: Bord na Móna
Services: Identity + Design + Packaging + Video + Photography + POS

After acquiring a company researching new products for the home heating market, Bord na Móna invited us to assist in generating material for a product which was still in development, namely a fire ignition product that didn’t employ a standard chemical accelerant. Everything from naming, multiple designs and stimulus for research was created by us.

While this was a new product for Bord na Móna, it had to fit within the family of their well-known branded products that had been in the market for many years. Once the final design for the packaging was approved, we then embarked on producing a wide range of material for marketing and advertising along with a 5 minute video to illustrate the uniqueness and ease of use of the product.

Marketing Innovation Award – Winner 2011

Bord na Móna Fuels responded to the aggressive growth of private label in the ignition category by developing a new product that would be a game-changer. The Firemagic Firemaker was based on the consumer insight that people are moving from home heat to home ambiance, and it represented a key new product in the company’s eco-friendly range of solid fuel solutions. Having established a new creative process within the company, a cross-functional team developed the concept with a clear consumer proposition, and successfully overcame many challenges to bring the new product to market at speed. The objectives for year one were exceeded within the first quarter.

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